Japanese Doll Shop Juho Tougei

Greetings and History

Thank you for visiting our on-line shop.  Our official company name is "Juho Ningyou no Tougei" that mean "Tougei of Juho Dolls". 

We generally refer to ourselves as "Juho Tougei". We have been making traditional Japanese dolls "Kimekomi Dolls" and sell various items for dolls since 1966.

Our Products

• Kimekomi Doll Kits and Supplies

• Kimekomi Doll Making Tools

• Special Japanese Fabric like Kinran, Chirimen and etc, from scrap

• Hina Dolls

• Gogatsu Dolls

• Koinobori

• Hagoita

• Hamayumi

• A variety of related merchandise

• Hanging Scrolls

Strength for shipping from Japan

We send Japanese traditional dolls, Kimekomi doll kits, fabrics, and the various merchandise directly from Japan. That's why, we know and tell you the latest information that you are interested in.

Please ask us if you have any inquiry!

Juho Tougei Honten

You could see Hagoita, Hamayumi, Hina Dolls, Gogatsu Dolls and Koinobori here. However, dolls decorated are different from depending on the seasons.

Real Japanese doll shop address

660-1 Aihara-Machi, Machida-shi, Tokyo, 194-0211 JAPAN